Seamless Banking

Imagine managing all your bank accounts from one single platform. Push an instruction and we seamlessly connect all your assets to finance your goal at zero charges!

Tax Break

Doing business on a global scale puts your company at a disadvantage over multiple tax laws and rates. We help your business connect to a single tax system. Easy!

Private Consultation

Sometimes you dont know what to do when it concerns your finances, that is where we come in. Using a dedicated system, we connect you to financial experts in any jurisdiction globally.

Who are we?

In 1995, our president and founder Mr. Muhyee Abdulsalam started Muhyee financial brokering services for his friends and business associates. The problem he solved was to help all his associates to seamlessly move funds across borders without restrictions.

Muhyee continues to solve this problem for a select number of businesses and individuals based on referals from existing stakeholders.

We are a small company of 10 employees with strong presence in every major market around the world. Handling over $200billion dollars for more than 30 businesses and individuals.


Learn more about us

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we hear from our appreciated customers

  • Can Muhyee help my business?

    Our clients are a small group of individuals referred by other existing clients. Due to our personalized services, we limit our client base to referrals from existing customers. If you know anyone that has an existing relationship with Muhyee, you can ask them to refer you and our sales team will contact you.

  • How does Muhyee Work?

    A small business or corporate entity looking to do business in any jurisdiction can use our help in setting up a business presence, setting up bank accounts and also move funds freely from all bank account directly from the Muhyee admin interface.

  • Is your services legal?

    Yes, our services are 100% legal and we are audited by Ernst & Young LLP(EY).